Adam Grok

Yoga in all of its varied aspects has been a truly massive inspiration in my life. It is for this reason that in 2003 I was compelled to begin to teach this multi-faceted Art, Science and Philosophy. Serious lower back problems led me to yoga in 1996. At this time I had been playing basketball 5 to 6 days a week and studying Sports Science.

When I was told by a chiropractor that my lower back problem was beyond natural repair, I proceeded to defiantly try everything I could. All kinds of reputable modalities, for even then, I believed in my ability to heal and regenerate. However the frustration grew as I continued to hit brick walls with my rehabilitation. When I came across Yoga, initially it served as an uplifting healing medium for my lower back pain & quickly evolved into to an improved awareness of self and the environment around me. I believe that it is when our body, mind and soul are aligned, that this ‘flow state’ is when we are at our best in all areas of our life. Yoga continues to serve as this powerful medium of connection in my life & it is this connection that continues to inspire me to teach and assist people in their personal journey.


My classes today are integrated, incorporating varied teachings as over the years my fascination with the body and mind has led me to extensive studies with yoga and other varied health and healing art forms. From Sports Science studies at University multiple bodywork, massage and healing techniques to breath work and meditation courses, energy vibration & sound techniques as well as Psychology of the mind studies. I have actively worked with children, teenagers, sportsmen & women, the elderly, mums and pregnant women privately, in groups and in workshops. 


The more that I practice and learn, the more, I am drawn to the roots of it all. The simple things that allow us all to flourish. Good Breath, Water, Food, Movement, Health, Environment, Relationships, Community, Nature, Music, Vibration & Consciousness. Today I integrate all of it into my life, my treatments and my yoga classes. And it is my honor and pleasure to share this in my work. I offer one on one sessions and treatments, Yoga classes on the beach, group work and family packages. 


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Carol Bradbury

I have been motivated by yoga and spiritual self-reflection since the late nineties. During a 10 year career in the yachting industry I was able to enjoy a variety of styles with different teachers around the world. In 2007 I finally completed my teacher training with Maria Taylor at the Africa Yoga Centre. This inspired me to continue with my daily Ashtanga practice, which I taught at studios in Cape Town and Mossel Bay, South Africa. During this time I also specialised in antenatal and postnatal yoga classes.

As more and more people approached me with aging restrictions and various ailments, I developed a gentler approach, leading to my Slow Flow classes which incorporate the dynamic, flowing, breath-synchronized elements of Ashtanga for strengthening mind and body. With fewer transitions than Vinyasa yoga and more flow than Hatha yoga, there is time to evaluate how and when a pose should be modified.


My fascination with the human body and growing awareness of the subtle energies in and around the physical body led me to complete my diploma in Thai Yoga Massage in 2012. And my desire to be able to assist those with various ailments, based on sound anatomical and physiological knowledge, led me to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science in 2019. My studies led me to starting Senior’s Yoga classes as part of the Long Live You program, enabling me to put my growing scientific knowledge to practice. This year sees me including a Vinyasa class which incorporates inspiring music and a dynamic flow aimed at energising and creating vitality. Passionate about yoga, my primary intention is that each person, through their yoga experience, connects with their true Self, finding contentment, strength and joy. My classes challenge each person individually to explore their own potential.

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Graeme Hodges

My first encounter with Yoga was in 1977 when I, partially out of curiosity, walked thru the gates of the Himalayan Ashram of the renowned Yogi , Swami Yogeshwaranada Saraswati , a widely recognised master of Hatha and Raja Yoga, in the small remote village of Phalagam in Kashmir. This was the beginning of an initiation that only ended when he died in 1985 at age 95. 


I began teaching Hatha yoga under his tutelage, both at his ashram in Rishikesh as well as Kashmir. My understanding of yoga and my teaching of it is rooted in the experiences of this time ...My notions of “Reality “ were constantly being pulled out from underneath me during this intense apprenticeship as I encountered first hand yogis who had well developed ʻSiddhisʻ as well as yogis who had obvious complete control over the body and mind and entered at will into long samadhis, from which they emerged with wondrous tales to tell... needless to say that a young surfer from Australia was hooked and thus began a lifelong curiosity about this most mystical of paths. 


Whether thru my mastersʼ grace or sheer good luck, I have been fortunate over the years to be guided personally by some extraordinary teachers among them BKS and Geeta Iyengar , AG Mohan , Andre Van Lysbeth, J Krishnamurti, Shandor Remete, OP Tiwari, ALV Kumar, Usha Devi, John Leebold, Alan Wallace, Gert Van Leewen, as well as many others. My deep trainings have mostly been in India at Yoga Niketan, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Kaivalyadhamma Yoga institute / Ramani Iyengar Yoga Institute and the Thanyapura Mind Centre... All have left an indelible mark on my understanding of yoga, and as well on how i endeavour to convey it in the classes that I teach.


Before moving to Denmark in the early 1990ʼs I taught extensively at many of Perthʼs established yoga centres as well as in schools, hospitals, health clubs, retreat centres, universities etc. I am at heart a traditionalist, and I resist the “New Age-ification of the tradition, where all manner of practices are these days suffixed with the word Yoga... usually to make them sell. Though I admit that yoga has always, and continues to evolve, the litmus test of authenticity I feel must always be an expansion of our “heart “ values as human beings, as well as a shrinking of those states of mind that keep us small. The practices we undertake must make us ever more sensitive to who we really are.


Primarily, I am a practitioner, and I love to test out new methodologies on my self. Students who attend my classes can be expected to be challenged, in a safe way, as i believe that the role of the teacher is to assist the student to extend and expand out of their comfort zones. This is what all of my teachers have asked of me, and so I continue to follow in their footsteps.


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Email: skyhouseretreat@westnet.com.au

Phone: 0478 600 401

Lyndal Gallaway

In her early teenage years, Lyndal experienced intense curiosity for the inherent mystery and meaning of life which triggered absorption in, and a growing life passion for Yoga & Meditation. The journey began in 1968 in Orange NSW then continued until 1975 in Sydney with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). En route to Bermuda to live, Lyndal found herself heart pulled to abandon ship to stay in Perth which became her base for 12 years, embarking on teacher training with the WA Yoga School of Perth along with IYTA. Early days in Perth, Lyndal's fortuitous meeting with Swami Venkatesananda from the Sivananda lineage,  opened her to Swamiji's personal spiritual guidance & travel broadening her experience in yoga, meditation & wisdom teachings. During the seventies and eighties her continued quest for transformation took her to the UK, Europe, India, Sri Lanka and the Eastern States where she participated in many styles of Yoga, Meditation, Tibetan Buddhism and Satsang (in the company of truth) with various awakened masters; living in Ashrams for brief retreats. In 1981 her passion drew her to initiation into the Yoga Kriyas with Swami Satyananda and further exploration of Japanese Oki-do Yoga, English Dru yoga, Alexander technique & Ayurveda. Deeper awareness was also fostered through ATM (Awareness through Movement) Iyengar, Desikachar, Yogic ChiKung and Qi Gong. Paralleling her Yogic life & career, Lyndal studied & practiced healing arts including Massage, Zen-Shiatsu, Bowen technique, Gestalt and Jungian Voice  Dialogue. Her energies also involved setting up and co-directing the first Alternative Healing & Yoga Centre in Perth in 1983. Since moving to Denmark in 1987 for a consolidating ‘country change’ Lyndal has taught Yoga and Qi Gong alongside her practice in bodywork/counselling/stress management.  She has also conducted many retreats & workshops privately & within the Health, Education, Corporate arenas. She developed & implemented a CDRom 'Yoga for the Workplace' and created a Qi Gong DVD filmed in beauty of Denmark's environment.


Lyndal’s style of yoga is her own, drawn from her impassioned 40 years of  teaching and personal practice. Her approach combines mindfulness and co-ordination of the breath, core, alignment, bandha in creative flow sequences, yin poses, mantra, mudra, meditation & energy medicine. She encourages her students to extend into daily life the transformative practices, tools and awareness gained on the mat toward the blessing of ease, peace, benevolence, energy and joy in their lives.

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Mobile: 0427 582 730

Marianne Annese

Marianne discovered yoga after realising that she needed more than just physical exercise to cope with the stresses of day to day life that were wreaking havoc on her physical and mental health. From the first movement it was as if a light had switched on in her head and the art, science and philosophy of yoga has held her attention ever since. 

Yoga became her passion and Marianne tried many different styles of yoga on offer at the time. It was whilst attending an international yoga workshop held in 1997 in her home town of Fremantle that she witnessed many local senior yoga teachers in action. A teacher and style stood out for her and soon after Marianne committed to regular classes with Anne Horsley at the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Rossmoyne. Later, she herself became a teacher at the school, where she taught for 10 years. 

In 2003 the Geeta Iyengar Yoga Convention was held in Australia and Marianne was touched in a profound way by her extraordinary presence. She began her teacher training with Anne in 2005 and travelled to Pune, India in 2007 to study with the Iyengar family at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. She became a certified Iyengar yoga teacher in 2010 and since then has regularly attended workshops and retreats, with international and Australian senior Iyengar yoga teachers, as part of her accreditation and ongoing professional development. 

Marianne moved to Denmark WA in 2018. She teaches at the Denmark Yoga Centre where her classes focus on the physical and mental health benefits of her craft as well as making it accessible for those with ailment, injury or age restrictions. She is also available for private consultations for those not able to come to a regular class.


Contact Marianne:

Email: mariannannese@hotmail.com

Mobile: 0423 659 856

Sonia Dezius

Students often ask what style of yoga I teach, I call it Hatha- Vinyasa, my classes aim to bring elements of flow, breath, meditation, and alignment into a balanced sequence, offering variations and help with use of props, and occasionally some gentle adjustments so ‘every- body’ can benefit. My intention is to hold the essence of Hatha yoga in heart, honour the evolution and fusion of yoga and continue developing skills and knowledge to attune to students needs and create a safe environment for them to be challenged and transformed.


I took my first beginners yoga course in 1995 when I was 18 years old. I just remember falling asleep at the end! Yoga drifted in and out of my gypsy life, but the seed was planted, it helped me during my University years and blossomed during my travels. Motherhood and building a home sent my roots down in beautiful Denmark in 2007. At this time yoga became a regular practise and a passion, it gave me a way to understand the world and my place in it. Going beyond a physical exercise, I became more attentive to how I live and relate to others; to my connection to Self and the Earth.


Gaining influence and inspiration from many Yoga and Buddhist mediation traditions, most recently it has been the Iyengar- alignment inspired teachings of Graeme Hodges, vinyasa-style of Les Leventhal, and Yoga Synergy of Simon Borg-Oliver that has sealed my devotion to a life-long learning and exploration of yoga. I completed a certified teacher training in Bali with Les Leventhal in 2014, and for several years have attended regular classes with Graeme Hodges here in Denmark. I have been teaching yoga in Denmark since 2015 and now a co-owner at Denmark Yoga Centre.


Perhaps my greatest teachers are my two children who bring the daily opportunity to stay fully present. I became a certified kids and family yoga teacher in 2015 with Rainbow Kids Yoga, and teach regular classes, they bring goosebumps of joy and connection!

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Email: sweetsantosha@gmail.com

Website: www.santoshamassageandyoga.com

Mobile: 0414 651 331 

Sumer Addy

Sumer has taught yoga for eight years, having started by accident in the beautiful rural outback community of Jabiru located in Kakadu National Park. It was there she found the passion to teach and learn all she could about yoga asana and yogic philosophy. Sumer later gained her certification from The Yoga Space in Perth. 


Sumer's yoga journey didn't start with great passion - her first introduction was when she was attending university for dance. She had little knowledge as to what yoga really was. At that time it was too much work and not enough stretching. However, the second time yoga crossed her path her mind and body were ready. Now, in her sixth year of an Ashtanga practice, she finds a good friend in yoga that feeds her physical, mental and spiritual self.

Not only is Sumer a yoga teacher, she is also a performer, dance teacher and a sport psychology consultant. Growing up in the United States, Sumer played sports throughout her life and at the age of nineteen discovered dance. Whilst gaining her degree in dance, she became very interested in mind/body connectivity. This curiosity led to her graduate studies in sport psychology. Throughout all her studies, Sumer has gained extensive training in applied kinesiology and mindfulness. Her passion lies in cultivating awareness in her students and offering tools that lead them to peak performance in all aspects of their life. 

Sumer has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Modern Dance and a Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Science specialising in the Psychosocial Aspects of Sport both from the University of Utah.


Sumer has lived in Australia for nine years having moved to the beautiful Great Southern town of Denmark five years ago. It is here she raises her three children, teaches yoga at Denmark Yoga Centre which she co-owns, performs and has her consulting practice.

Contact Sumer:

Email: sladdy14@gmail.com

Mobile: 0499 444 542

Lorraine Weyman 

Kundalini yoga found Lorraine on a beach in India. In that very first class she had a profoundly moving experience and in that moment knew her path was to share this powerful yogic technology far and wide. Just weeks later she was deep in the Himalayan Mountains immersed in learning this ancient yoga. 

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Email: cranbrookyoga@yahoo.com

Emma D'Souza 

Emma teaches Vinyasa yoga based on a flowing style that connects breath to pose for the whole body. Her vinyasa flow class is a dynamic flow that encompasses strength as well as softness and ends in meditation. Her chair yoga classes are for any body and all bodies whether young or old, fit or unfit to stretch and enjoy uniting together in the joy of yoga.

Emma is a qualified Ayurvedic Health practitioner and assists clients with creating a yogic approach to health and healing for radiant longevity.


Contact Emma:

Email: emdsouzayoga@gmail.com